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Say hi to young Steve after passing his test shot of and bought a GPZ500 with his money. Ive got a bit of a soft spot for these bikes as i spent two year going back and forth to Birmingham on one and it never let me down top bit of kit. Then we have Mike with a very sweet looking GSXR600 and matching leathers another top bike just luv GSXR had loads over the years can,t beat them nice work boys. Karl.

This is very cool very nice CBR600 belonging to Michelle with the very nice set of matching leathers not bad for a first bike.


This is Ken who nicked his good Lady's motorcycle after passing his test just so he could get on the karmenz school of fame .shame on you ken. If you don't believe me take a look at Sarah back in April and check the bike its a scandal i tell you ha ha. But in all fairness it worked so ill shut up. Cheers For the T shirts guys they've gone down fab up the pub Karl.

OK to start with we have Dennise on a very clean bandit then theres Gareth on a tango orange sorry i meant Z750 very nice and a great source of vitamin C sorry i meant fun ha ha .

The next is young frank on his funky blue and fluorescent green sv650.


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