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This is Paul and his lad passed his test first time picked up his bike and then went to Belgium now that's grabbing the bull by the horns and getting on with it nice skills. Accept the going to Belgium bit. Ha Ha


This is Daz with his CBR600 another stunning paint job, this one is a custom job very nice details very nice bike. Stakes are getting hire whats to next.

martin and kerry

Ok this is Martin and Kerry standing by a stunning blackbird probably the nicest colour I've seen on this model fantastic stealth mat black.(sorry to the rest of my students who have come back with there blackbirds but it is stunning.) Nice choice Martin and now we are just waiting for Kerry to turn up with here CBR600.
Have fun guys.


tims back on his second bike the very cool very nice zx6 and he still got his honda lucky chap.



This is nigel just passed his test on a gs650 than went out and bought
the very same bike. Top choice very nice and a very good first time pass enjoy the summer.
Cheers Karl


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