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Testimonial from Sarah

I've wanted my bike licence for more years than i like to admit but this year i finally achieved it at the age of 33! This is thanks to the UNENDING patience and support from Karl and Neil at Karmenz! If they can get a neurotic old bird like me through a bike test, they can get anyone through it!!! I'm now the proud owner of a mint Yam XJ600N and one HAPPY biker chick. Husband has now passed CBT and is looking to do his bike test very soon. More beers to you when the husband passes his test! Touring in Europe beckons...

Cheers Sarah your a star Karl



and then came will on his very nice R6, very sweet bike one the nicest 600 on the market just take a look at the exhaust how cool is that well done mate for the first time pass and the bike.

here we go a very nice zzr600 with all the added extras just like we like it and of course a first time pass.

rob and james

well done to rob and james who both passed there test on the 16/05/07 see below.


saturday cbt

Happy days Karmenz are now doing cbt on a saturday. We been doing them all week but havent had a site for the w/e. So just to celabrate a picture of our first sat cbt on the left you got James, Michelle, Jim, Rob and at the end every ones faverate cbt instructor Neil . James and Rob are going for there full licences his week so ill let you now how they get on latter. Cheers guys Karl.


Not the best day to take your test cold, wet, and windy unless your cheryal coz she passed and got her full licence. Ripped up her L plates in seconds well done catch you latter.



Suzuki gs 500 for sale 24600 miles blue and silver. Great first time bike or great commuter 53 plate {reg october 2003} £1750 ono. Phone or email through this web site or call my mob on 07946 568340 karl


the boys

This is a good start to may three students and there bikes summer coming early this year.


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