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this is tom top student top bike top first time pass he very happy he got a R6 very good reason to be happy life is good enjoy.



This is Sarah back on her own bike looking very pleased and so she should top bike and top biker. Al's good and she brought us beer to say thanks for getting her through her tests so she goes straight to the top of the class. Who says we are easily swayed at Karmenz. Oh that was us cheers Sarah.


phil and kelly

How about this Phil finally turned up with his brand new triumph and the There's the long lost Kelly with her very cool Harley. Got to say these bikes are looking spot on .


jayne and mark

This is a very happy Jayne with a top first time pass looking very pleased with her self and quiet rightly so but that's nothing compered to myself as i took 4 students to test that day and they all passed on Friday the 13th lots of happy smiles that day. Next we have Mark and this is the man to beat 0 faults on his test and a first time pass. Which in all fairness cant be beat only matched very nice top skills mate.


ian and dave

to start off April we got a very nice zx636 belonging to Ian Kawasaki green just cant be beaten. then we got Dave making a return to the Karmenz hall of fame with his second bike a very clean suzuki rf 600 spot on whats next Dave.


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